Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

The emergence of various social networking sites have huge impact on how employers and job seekers find each other. If you want to be successful in your job search, then you have to take advantage of social networking. But how do they do it?

Tips for using social media to find jobs

#1 Let everyone know what you are up to.

No matter if you are using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, what's important is that you make known to their fans, friends and family looking for a job and what position you are seeking. This does not lead directly to get the job, of course, and also may not be aware of current vacancies contact work. However, you want them to know that you are looking for a job, in terms of job offer came up.

#2 Don't hestitate to network using Facebook.

We all use Facebook primarily for fun, but that does not mean we can not use it for anything else. You can not ignore the potential of tissue in there, especially if you have more than a hundred friends. Compared with LinkedIn, Facebook may actually be more useful to look for a job. This is due to his friends, of course, knew better, and therefore more likely to help find a job.

#3 Create professional looking for a LinkedIn profile.

It is very common for companies currently using LinkedIn to find talent database. To make sure your profile stands out, so it looks very professional. Choose the right image to go with it, and only include important information to your personal profile.

# 4 Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and a Twitter handle on your resume.

Twitter and LinkedIn are commonly used for business purposes or both, while Facebook is more personal or private. In your resume, be sure to add links to LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Thus, hire managers will have a place to go if they have to learn more about you. Also, become a fan of social media is a characteristic generally preferred by employers.

# 5 Be active and participative.

There is no doubt that networking is one of the most important aspects of any job search. In fact, as we have experts to be part of the career planning of all. That is why it is recommended that you make yourself visible in social media. However, do not reap the benefits of this type of social media networks if you are not active enough online. So, take the time to chat with your contacts, or join a forum on the web. By doing this, you will definitely Mapping market themselves, increase your chances of having a successful job search.


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