Monday, February 25, 2013

Gantt Charts for Business

I know someone who also has an excellent sales team. He was on the hook to provide 200 million dollars in business every year. Nuts are very important but he is smart and good at what he does.

If asked what a Gantt chart, I suspect you'll get a good response because they are concerned about the management of the project and not a very attractive Gantt charts (what a surprise). I suspect it may tell you that the Gantt chart for the product development team, and Gantt charts for the IT staff or consultants.

Interestingly, however, breaks its share of $ 200 million and forecasts predict the future conquered by revenue targets (milestones) the main points in the course of a fiscal year. It also lists the required tasks (activities) that his team must do to meet the event. After analyzing each task into parts that are smaller (sub-task) and give it to your computer.

Now my friend is not using Gantt principle, however, you apply one of the basic principles of project management, WBS (work breakdown structure). The advantage of this is that it can provide the repetitive rhythm of the business year in and out. He shows how all of this is planned to evaluate the business plan ... Gantt template and re-purpose every fiscal year.

The process of using a time machine to business planning made me realize how powerful and versatile. Because so much business is about the planning and execution of the campaign, the timeline is very relevant. Although a Gantt chart is usually the domain of project-oriented person, I guess it's used effectively in the business office.

In addition to using the Gantt chart for sales planning, here are some other situations business leaders used to effectively communicate their business plans. The first is a situation where the training expiration date layout special train public managers in the field your team. In your case, you are using a PowerPoint template to remove the contact time and training commitment date (tasks and milestones) to celebrate his team's back end. The second situation is the head of marketing marketing plan to communicate with your team. Gantt also use a template to plan campaigns (events) and key delivery dates (milestones).

As I digest all that I realized that PowerPoint is the way they interact and can easily point to the business plan with a Gantt chart or temporal sense.

Timeline is a free office hours to make embedded in PowerPoint, so use it to create and share Gantt charts and Gantt charts or templates that are easy to understand and quick. Starting with a simple wizard for the introduction of milestones and key activities of your business plan or you can import data directly from Excel. Then, with the push of a button business plan is a Gantt chart to a PowerPoint slide.


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