Monday, February 25, 2013

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Gantt Charts for Business

I know someone who also has an excellent sales team. He was on the hook to provide 200 million dollars in business every year. Nuts are very important but he is smart and good at what he does.

If asked what a Gantt chart, I suspect you'll get a good response because they are concerned about the management of the project and not a very attractive Gantt charts (what a surprise). I suspect it may tell you that the Gantt chart for the product development team, and Gantt charts for the IT staff or consultants.

Interestingly, however, breaks its share of $ 200 million and forecasts predict the future conquered by revenue targets (milestones) the main points in the course of a fiscal year. It also lists the required tasks (activities) that his team must do to meet the event. After analyzing each task into parts that are smaller (sub-task) and give it to your computer.

Now my friend is not using Gantt principle, however, you apply one of the basic principles of project management, WBS (work breakdown structure). The advantage of this is that it can provide the repetitive rhythm of the business year in and out. He shows how all of this is planned to evaluate the business plan ... Gantt template and re-purpose every fiscal year.

The process of using a time machine to business planning made me realize how powerful and versatile. Because so much business is about the planning and execution of the campaign, the timeline is very relevant. Although a Gantt chart is usually the domain of project-oriented person, I guess it's used effectively in the business office.

In addition to using the Gantt chart for sales planning, here are some other situations business leaders used to effectively communicate their business plans. The first is a situation where the training expiration date layout special train public managers in the field your team. In your case, you are using a PowerPoint template to remove the contact time and training commitment date (tasks and milestones) to celebrate his team's back end. The second situation is the head of marketing marketing plan to communicate with your team. Gantt also use a template to plan campaigns (events) and key delivery dates (milestones).

As I digest all that I realized that PowerPoint is the way they interact and can easily point to the business plan with a Gantt chart or temporal sense.

Timeline is a free office hours to make embedded in PowerPoint, so use it to create and share Gantt charts and Gantt charts or templates that are easy to understand and quick. Starting with a simple wizard for the introduction of milestones and key activities of your business plan or you can import data directly from Excel. Then, with the push of a button business plan is a Gantt chart to a PowerPoint slide.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

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How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

The emergence of various social networking sites have huge impact on how employers and job seekers find each other. If you want to be successful in your job search, then you have to take advantage of social networking. But how do they do it?

Tips for using social media to find jobs

#1 Let everyone know what you are up to.

No matter if you are using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, what's important is that you make known to their fans, friends and family looking for a job and what position you are seeking. This does not lead directly to get the job, of course, and also may not be aware of current vacancies contact work. However, you want them to know that you are looking for a job, in terms of job offer came up.

#2 Don't hestitate to network using Facebook.

We all use Facebook primarily for fun, but that does not mean we can not use it for anything else. You can not ignore the potential of tissue in there, especially if you have more than a hundred friends. Compared with LinkedIn, Facebook may actually be more useful to look for a job. This is due to his friends, of course, knew better, and therefore more likely to help find a job.

#3 Create professional looking for a LinkedIn profile.

It is very common for companies currently using LinkedIn to find talent database. To make sure your profile stands out, so it looks very professional. Choose the right image to go with it, and only include important information to your personal profile.

# 4 Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and a Twitter handle on your resume.

Twitter and LinkedIn are commonly used for business purposes or both, while Facebook is more personal or private. In your resume, be sure to add links to LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Thus, hire managers will have a place to go if they have to learn more about you. Also, become a fan of social media is a characteristic generally preferred by employers.

# 5 Be active and participative.

There is no doubt that networking is one of the most important aspects of any job search. In fact, as we have experts to be part of the career planning of all. That is why it is recommended that you make yourself visible in social media. However, do not reap the benefits of this type of social media networks if you are not active enough online. So, take the time to chat with your contacts, or join a forum on the web. By doing this, you will definitely Mapping market themselves, increase your chances of having a successful job search.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

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Sales: Every Employee Matters

While most people usually see retail as a means of temporary employment, workers' rights and give proper training is essential to run a successful retail store. The presence of multiple interviews and qualified potential employees early will prevent future problems. Here are some important tips to get the right people and let them know how important their role is for sale.

We see examples of retail clothing stores. Type of store employees require different types of actions and folding clothes cashier and the people who work in the factory. What is often overlooked is the fact that all employees are sales people. Most employers do not see people selling work directly with clients, when all employees to contribute to closing the sale.

Have you ever tried to test an item of clothing in your wardrobe and overcome a lot of folding clothes on the floor? Or maybe you want to try something, but there was no attendant in the locker room to see clients in the locker room. Employees and fill folding clothes and employees to help customers in every metric to help increase retail sales.

Continuing the analogy of the locker room, the employees do not just sell - so costumes. Dressing mirror lights also sell clothes better than a sales person. Make sure that the testers are clean, comfortable and help keep customers happy and in the best mindset for purchase. Employees should know that cleaning up the locker room with a very important and critical to the overall success of the store.

Also, having an employee with skills excellent customer service in accordance with lounge will increase sales dramatically. Customer service employees to help customers find a variety of sizes and colors that really what sealed the sale. Several studies indicate that customers are trying to get dressed and talk to the customer service people are almost twice as likely to buy than those produced by.

Sales is not just a job for the people in clothing retail stores, is a team effort. Manager, make sure that your employees know, even those in entry-level positions, his role in cleaning items such as dressing had a goal and increase sales. Customers want to buy in an area that offers clean, they look for clothing, and a great way for them to try.

Monday, February 4, 2013

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How to Choose Effective Accessories for Your Trade Show Display

Most companies might be able to have a good trade show display or maybe one of them believe it is possible to get. They have their artwork, or maybe things considered. In short, they are ready, right? Could be.

Actually, the correct answer to the uncertainty is likely to depend on what the specific affordability and what other possibilities are there to adjust your trade show booth. Think about it: 90% of your cubicle charter fund, industry events and view pictures, plus costs - accommodation, meals, taxis, nightlife. But the motivation was not ready to stop or even try to improve the effectiveness of its own business.

Failure to provide 90% of the bill, it is advisable to consider whether or not additional spending 10% on accessories bring traffic or even government help potential buyers. Sure - you can save money. It was a bad decision, and such accounting staff. But in reality, they will realize even 10%? Not possible.

If not, consider whether or not the 10% can help attract and manage leads. There are several alternatives and crystal accessories to consider.

Desks and office chairs. This accessory is really only realistic if you have a trade show booth ax 20 10 (or higher). Doing this will lead to a more detailed presentation to a prospect or partner. Generally, you will usually get a lease from $ 400 - $ 500 planners fair. They can be complementary and provide flexibility in the way and also a place to communicate with potential buyers.

Platform or computer unit. It is significant and not spend a significant space. If you buy (or you can rent one), it is possible to put a figure on the side or Wrap platform. Such as desks, workstations in place to have a conversation. But it is a little more relaxed, with less space and can be used by ten x ten booths. This is great for a laptop or tablet computer demonstrations, as well - usually successful "bar" 38-42 "Be prepared to spend $ 300 -. $ 800 for a shelf or workstation (with function) and $ 300 - $ 500 to hire a full-featured version.

Suspended header image or symbol. A doctor or other deferred visibility and improve company aims industrial exhibition floor. This could be a big advantage - almost all industries occupied and even large companies struggling to see. Header connected to a screen pop-up and modular and provides about one foot high enough yet - enough to see the forest 10 x ten screens. Be prepared to shell out $ 200 - $ 250 for the header graphic. A sign on the roof is more powerful (and expensive), which allows busy convention hall. Hanging banners ranging from about $ 1,000 and tend to be expensive when you need a big sign. And do not overlook - you should invest in a "rigger" to put the flag. But what can really add a great look is a great way to level the playing field with big firms.

Once the key funding directly, consider the possibility of offering clever flexibility, as well as the nature of the industry in terms of your future.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Getting a Business Loan

If you are an established business or a new business, you need money. You can improve your ability to get a loan for preparation. Let's look at some types of loans. interaction with the SBA and the lender about their needs and their programs.

SBA (Small Business Administration) is a source of lenders they work with. SBA loan guarantees percent. Also check with your local lender for your needs.

Want a bank loan, credit, micro credit, etc., most places require the following:

- Business plan.

- Tax return for 2-3 years

- A personal financial statement.

- Sufficient funds to repay the loan

- Experience in the field that you want a loan

- Collateral as home equity, equipment, CD

- Reserves and funds to operate the business

- How much money has been invested personal

In preparing this document, the lender maintains perspective in mind. Lenders are very conservative. They want to make sure that you can pay back the loan.

Loan business plan tells you experience, you need money, management, marketing plans, budgeting and forecasting budgets for two or three years earlier, competence and competitiveness, to name a few sections of the business plan.

To focus on the collateral securing the loan. If you do not pay the loan, the lender can take the asset.

There are different types of loan programs are available from the bank and the SBA.

SBA 7 (a) guarantee program can be used for expansion, configuration, acquisitions, working capital, inventory purchases, the purchase of buildings and equipment. The maximum loan is 5,000,000.

SBA also has a micro-credit and cap-line. Small loans up to $ 50,000. Cap-line cyclic short-term capital.

Even with Dana volt Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation will have a workshop on August 22 about the loan program.

Know what SBA loan and your lender is not enough. For example, the SBA does not provide gambling, real estate speculation, multilevel marketing, religious organizations, charitable organizations, and companies that have failed to federal loans. Some lenders will not invest in a particular market sector, because this sector is saturated or high risk.

Developing a relationship with your banker. Ask your banker how to do it best. One way is to keep the bankers realize the positive things your company is doing, talk to the newspaper, you receive an award the company, etc.