Monday, July 15, 2013

How Are New Homes Constructed


When the team first arrived in large numbers, your task is to clear the land of trees or rocks. After the cleaning process is complete, the computer will select the depth of the excavation for the foundation of a house built. This house was built on the foundation of a good basement or crawl and process also varies according to the foundation. In Alberta, the houses are usually built with underground excavation takes about 8 meters. Based on the good, poured concrete basement walls are made of cement.


Once the foundation is laid, will frame. Began producing wood framing made of pressure treated wood accumulated on top of the foundation. When you finish the floors, walls built on the ground and then lifted vertically. In general, the walls are built with 2x4 placed in 16" centers, in the center of each 2x4 placed 16" from the next. Windows or special internal support frame disturbing "pattern 16. Framing When completed, the house is covered with a protective casing.


Frame manufacturing can make armor, 2x8s and 2x10s. Frame does not allow the attic space, but are generally used because of its strength, economy, customization, and speed of construction. Once developed post covered with plywood. If the roof is constructed with shingles, was originally covered with asphalt shingles before applying.

Windows, Doors and Siding

To install the windows and doors, plastic strip attached to each opening. Vinyl Siding usually use, a thin sheet of flexible plastic. Installation under the house at the top, with each additional sheet respectively. After the face, doors and windows have been installed, the inside of the house work can begin.


Plumbing is one of the first interior work done. Shower tray fitted ahead of time because of the size and weight. After plumbing, electrical work can be done. Electrical panels are placed as needed and can run the wire from the fuse box every electrical box. Separation is the next step. Moisture is kept out of the house by a thin plastic cover. After separation, layer ½ inch panel noted in all seal damaged drywall mud and nails.

Finishing Touches

The final step of the development process involving close to build layers of subfloor, installing heating and air conditioning and electrical or plumbing work is completed. Cabinet and table in the kitchen and bathroom then installed, followed by cutting into the walls, paint, carpet and reception work.


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